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Over 150 Location and Mobile Marketing Gurus to Meet in Amsterdam

LBS is a game-changer for a lot of businesses, and with the sharp uptake and rapid adoption of mobile marketing and m-commerce, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game. The Location Business Summit, Europe, being held on May 22-23 in Amsterdam will unite over 150 Senior Level Executives in the LBS and mobile marketing space.

Location enabled services – check-in, voucher redemption, local search and social networking apps – are rapidly coming of age. And while location based advertising is still in its infancy, it is predicted that mobile location based services revenue in Europe will grow from €205 million in 2010 to €435 million by 2016 (Berg).

With companies making big announcements around indoor location at MWC earlier this year, there is clear indication that things are moving at high speed within the industry. The opportunities that indoor location holds for companies across the spectrum, from global brands to device manufacturers and everyone in between has opened the floodgates.

With an agenda geared towards addressing the challenges of market opportunities, the 3rd Annual Location Business Summit Europe will showcase the most significant case studies of location based marketing, indoor location and how m-commerce is being integrated into the consumer experience. Over two days, the summit will focus on turning a promising technology into a commercial force, looking at critical issues identified from the industry such as what exactly the brands are looking for, key areas for monetization of location and the raging social, local, mobile phase that the industry is in the midst of.

Headlining the conference will be a series of detailed case studies of what is working and what isn’t from a brand and agency perspective, what some of the key movers and shakers around indoor location are up to and whether hyper-local really will be the way forward. Companies signed up for these presentations so far include Starbucks, Ogilvy, CSR, BBC, Qubulus, IndoorLBS, Orange, Vodafone, Microsoft, Google, LBMA, JiWire and more.

Organiser Naomi Hands, VP of TheWhereBusiness, outlined her vision for the conference in a recent interview.  “The location industry is now progressing down the road to full market viability as the inherent advantages of mobile and online technology are being translated into commercial success,” she said.  “The time has now arrived where the community should take pride in their achievements so far, and formulate a roadmap for future success.  Anyone who is serious about LBS should therefore make sure they are in Amsterdam this May, when the crucial ‘next step’ for the industry will be discussed and taken”

More information on the 3rd Location Business Summit Europe can be found at: