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Dutch artist builds paper boat of 20 meters long

Over 3000 Frisians worked two years long on a real boat made ​​of paper.

The paper boat of 20 meters long, 4 meters wide and 4.5 meters high will set sail on Sunday in Leeuwarden.

It is a project of the Dutch artist Tom Winters. He was inspired by the movie Fitzgeraldo of Werner Herzog, where a boat is dragged over a mountain. “Boat building is a real Frisian tradition.

The boat was built in the courtyard of a former prison and is deliberately too wide for the gates.

The lost count on the number of newspapers used in building the boat tells Winters, and of course many hundreds of packets of glue. The skin of the boat consists of photographs, drawings and texts from people telling something about themselves.

The artist is not sure if the boat will float. “I did not care much about it in the beginning of the project“.