Amsterdam-based startup brings paper invitation cards online

We would like to bring to your attention a promising Amsterdam-based startup, Sendency. The firm was
incubated for the past four months at the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) where a team of four
young entrepreneurs, aided by a group of coaches from organizations like Rabobank and Ogilvy worked on
making their vision a reality. Official launch of Sendency is scheduled for July 22, 2011.

Creating a completely new customer-experience, Sendency combines high-quality paper cards with the
possibilities of internet. There are moments in life when we want to and have to send paper invitation cards to
our friends and family. Yet, being accustomed to functionalities of digital media we can rarely share all that we
want in that one paper card.

Sendency is the first platform that offers customers high-quality paper cards which are linked via URL and
QR code to the card’s digital sister. The receiver of the paper card gets access to the digital version with all the
extra features the sender chose to have, be it video of a newborn, pictures of newlyweds, mapped directions to
the event, RSVP to confirm arriving guests and much more.

Sendency recognizes that contemporary online card platforms are undifferentiated and are tailored to
mass production reducing the quality of the product. By approaching customers with a completely new value
proposition, Sendency believes it can bring the much needed change to the card market.

Anneloek Rauwerdink (24), Marianne Tijs (21), Paul Voskuilen (23) and Egor Gorshkov (21) are all graduates from
the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The team comes from different academic and socio-cultural backgrounds, united
by a shared vision of Sendency and a strive to bring unexisting value to the card market in the Netherlands and

By creating the truly integrated multimedia card, Sendency wishes to revolutionize the contemporary digital and
postal card market, generating a large loyal customer base that understands the interactive possibilities Sendency

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship is a start-up incubator, born of collaboration between the Universiteit
van Amsterdam and Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Some previous project that stemmed from ACE are Secureceipt, and Be Right. Sendency is proud of its affiliation with ACE.


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