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Dutch businesses paying bills on time

Dutch companies appear to be very punctual payers in comparison with other European companies. Only the Germans score even better. According to a report by research firm “Dun & Bradstreet” towards the payment behavior of over 2.8 million companies in Europe which was presented on Monday.

The Portuguese are among the slowest payers in Europe. They are on the average of paying 19 days too late. England and Ireland also seem determined not to be quick when it comes to paying the bills. They pay 16 or 17 days late on average.

The Germans are the most accurate Europeans payers. They pay 60% of the bills on time. For 40% of the accounts, only three days late in paying on average. Our country follows closely. In the Netherlands, 55% of invoices are paid on time. If Dutch companies pay late, then they will leave their unpaid bills for only 5 days after the payment deadline on average.

“Especially now, it is very important to pay on time in order to stimulate the economy. If you do not, you may cause trouble for other companies, as they also have to pay their suppliers. In this way a country could land into a vicious circle”, explains Jan Willem de Vries, CEO of Dun & Bradstreet.