Pharmaceutical Logistics Zone Opens at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol recently announced the opening of KLM Pharma 15-25 Zone, a dedicated area for handling all types of pharmaceutical and life sciences cargo.

According to a statement on the airport’s website, the investment in the new facility reflects KLM’s drive to “attract more business from the pharma and life sciences sector, where temperature-controlled ground handing within strict limits is an essential element in the supply chain.” The name “Pharma 15-25” indicates the guaranteed temperature range that the new zone can provide.

The opening of the new pharma cargo area is the latest addition to efforts promoting the area as a pharma logstics hub. The Amsterdam Airport Area, Schiphol Airport, amsterdam inbusiness, and Amsterdam Innovation Motor have teamed up to create pharma corridors and trade lanes between Schiphol and other key markets.

Source: Amsterdam Airport Area

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