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Philips lights up Empire State Building

New York’s iconic Empire State building has contracted Dutch electronics giant Philips to provide new lighting.

The Empire State building is not only going to go greener but also more colorful as it gets a new energy-efficient lighting system that offers a palette of 16 million shades.

The computerized system using LEDs lights would allow the building to cut energy consumption by 73 percent.

With the new LED fixtures, bought from Philips Color Kinetics, based in Massachusetts, the Empire State Building will be illuminated with millions of deep, rich colors and subtle pastels, compared with a limited palette of 10 colors from the existing lamps, which also tend to flicker and produce different brightnesses depending on the color.

“Globally recognized as an engineering marvel and symbol of New York City, the Empire State Building has selected Philips … as its partner to transition the building’s iconic tower lights to innovative LEDs,” Philips said.

At 443 meters (1,453 feet) high, the 102-floor Empire State Building has become New York’s tallest building after the September 11, 2001 attacks took down the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

Built in 1931, the art deco-style building is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting millions of visits a year.