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Photography exhibition Crisis!

The photography exhibition ‘Crisis!‘ at the Kunsthal Rotterdam provides an up-to-date illustration of the economic crisis in the Netherlands.

At the request of regional authorities, twelve Dutch photographers, including both established names and new talent, have captured on camera the problems and opportunities arising from the current crisis. Countless symptoms such as the strong desire for a national identity, hidden and visible poverty, and bankruptcy have been recorded in over a hundred and fifty documentary photographs.

The exhibition presents a surprisingly varied impression of the consequences of this crisis on a human scale, from people’s altered living and working circumstances to portraits of actively involved citizens and officials.

Crisis! illustrates, from a range of perspectives, how various groups of people are experiencing the crisis in the Netherlands, which problems are involved and what solutions have been proposed to deal with them.

For more info go to:
Crisis! In Front of the Camera
When: 2 July to 2 October 2011
Where: Rotterdam Kunsthal