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Experience Picnic 2009 in Amsterdam

Picnic 2009 has started in Amsterdam right now. This year’s media, technology, entertainment, art and science festival seems yet a little bit greener than last year.

PICNIC unites thousands of creative minds every year in Amsterdam. PICNIC will surprise you, inspire you and offer a breath of fresh air from your daily routine. A three inspiring days of ideas, fun and sensory stimulation in media, technology, entertainment, art and science. Come and inspire others.

PICNIC is a unique festival and an inspiring conference complimented by a set of networking events and hands-on technology experiences for top creatives and innovation professionals in business, technology, new media, entertainment, science and the arts.

Experience the flyby of a jumbo jet, a rocket launch, and be in the middle of an arcade game with sound during the first demonstration of the Layar 3D experience which will be at the Picnic Conference in Amsterdam. A demo application has been developed to showcase the power of 3D. Conference attendees looking for “Picnic” in the Android Market can find and download the Android application to their phone to view a virtual exhibition that delivers a multi-sensory experience of reality, augmented by 3D.

PICNIC ’09 takes place from 23 to 25 September at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Don’t miss the year’s most inspiring, fascinating and entertaining festival!