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Plans for Steve Jobs iPad schools in the Netherlands

A panel of four Dutch educators and politicians is proposing to fulfill Steve Jobs’ vision and create a school where students are taught with iPads. The proposal will be presented on Monday in Amsterdam. The plan, called Education for a New Era (Onderwijs voor een Nieuwe Tijd), is designed to help students learn “21st century skills” and push the limits of what can be done in a classroom.

It is just a proposal for the time being, but the promoters wish to test existing educational apps and encourage more to be developed. The so-called “Steve Jobs schools” would open their doors in August 2013.

The initiators are planning to test existing education applications and to encourage others to develop new apps. The goal is to share the experience with other schools, so that they are part of the digital approach.

They need at least 25 to 30 parents for a school and the goal is three to five schools.