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Pleasant workplace atmosphere important for Dutch employees

Nearly all Dutch employees indicated in 2012 that a pleasant workplace atmosphere is important to them. For three quarters of employees a pleasant workplace atmosphere is essential according to Statistics Netherlands. Nearly all employees consider competent management, job security, interesting work and a good salary to be important aspects of their job.

The opportunity to work from home is important for only a small proportion of employees, although the percentage has risen marginally since 2008 from 34 to 39 percent. The other aspects have been fairly stable over the years. There is an obvious relation between working from home and education level: the higher an employee’s education level, the more they appreciate the opportunity to work from home.

The possibility to work on a part-time basis is important for 85 percent of female employees, versus only 54 percent of their male counterparts. Being able to choose your own working hours and the distance between home and workplace also have a higher priority for women than for men. The opportunity to work from home is equally important to both genders.

Approximately 95 percent of young employees appreciate the opportunity to learn on the job, as against 85 percent of older employees. To older employees having a healthy job is more important than to younger employees.

More than eight in every ten employees are (very) satisfied about most aspects of their jobs. The most important aspects are having a healthy job (93 percent) and a pleasant workplace atmosphere (92 percent). The opportunity to work from home (72 percent) and the salary (77 percent) had the lowest priority.