Poland confirms excellent relations with the Netherlands

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has met with his Polish colleague Radosław Sikorski in Warsaw, and the two ministers have confirmed the excellent state of Polish-Dutch relations.

The meeting took place during the 22nd edition of the Utrecht Conference, an annual conference between the Netherlands and Poland on current international affairs and bilateral issues. Poland and the Netherlands are important trading partners, with annual trade amounting to around €13.5 billion.

Mr Rosenthal and Mr Sikorski expressed concern about the rule of law in Ukraine and the elections there in October. The ministers also spoke about the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago, the Middle East, Iran and the financial and economic situation in the EU.

During Euro 2012 the Dutch team will be based in the Polish city of Cracow, and Mr Rosenthal wished his Polish colleague good luck in the championship (unless the Netherlands and Poland have to play each other, of course).

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