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Population Decreasing in the Netherlands

The population growth of the Netherlands will reduce in the coming years.

Until a few years ago, things were looking up for the Netherlands. But since the beginning of the recession, this trend has reversed. As a lack of job security and the high costs of living people are less likely to choose for a child.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the period of a rapid increasing population has come to an end. In 2009, the population was expected to grow by 86,000 people. Next year an increase of about 60,000 inhabitants is expected. In the following years, the population will further decrease. Wednesday morning about 10:30 the Dutch population counted 16,578,073 people.

As the cause for the decline of growth is more deaths due to aging in the coming years. The number of births also decreased because of a decrease in the number of women around 30 years, the age at which most women become mothers.

The CBS also expects immigration to the Netherlands is decreasing and that the emigration abroad increases.

This year 116 thousand Dutch emigrated abroad. Immigration hardly increased. In 2009, there were 146 thousand immigrants to enter the Netherlands, roughly the same as last year.

Because the demand for labor has declined, fewer immigrants come to the Netherlands.

The number of births came this year to 183 thousand, against 185 thousand last year.