Population Growth in Dutch Cities

The Dutch population has grown in the Dutch cities and the regions around Zwolle, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Assen and Groningen. In several Dutch border areas growth stagnated or even had a shrinking population.

This is evident from figures published Monday by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The Dutch population grew between 2005 and this year with 269,000 people, which equates to 1.6 percent.

The past five years the population grew by 30,000 for the city of Utrecht. In Amsterdam there were 25,000 people more.

A major cause of growth is the attraction force of growth areas for foreign and Dutch immigrants from other regions.

This was especially true for the regions in the northern part of the Randstad, The Hague and Groningen and surroundings.

The border areas where the population is shrinking, especially people seem to lose to other border areas and abroad. This is especially true for eastern Groningen, Twente, the Achterhoek and South Limburg.

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