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Powerful Women as Likely to Cheat as Men, Dutch Study Finds

Women in powerful positions are just as likely as men to cheat on their spouses, according to new research in the Netherlands.

It’s widely believed that men are more likely than women to cheat on their spouses, but power appears to be a more important factor than gender, according to the study published April 28 in the journal Psychological Science.

“There has been a lot of research in the past that indicates that gender is the strongest predictor of infidelity, but none of these studies have been done on powerful women,” Joris Lammers, of Tilburg University in the Netherlands, said in a journal news release.

It is a person’s power, rather than gender, that plays the greatest role in infidelity. A team of researchers led by Joris Lammers conducted an anonymous Internet survey of 1,561 adults – the bonus of an online study being that respondents are far more likely to answer truthfully. They found that there is a higher risk of unfaithfulness in people of positions of power, no matter the sex.