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President Clinton and HEINEKEN’s BRANA leadership meet in Haiti to support local sourcing initiatives

President Clinton and a party of international business leaders visited HEINEKEN’s brewery in Haiti, Brasserie Nationale d’Haiti (BRANA) today as part of an effort by the Clinton Foundation to promote Haiti as an important investment destination. The focus of the visit was on the revitalization of Haiti’s agricultural sector and the opportunities it presents for potential investors. During his visit to the country, President Clinton showcased proven successes of how Haiti’s agriculture supports local business and reinforces the economy over the long term.

At BRANA, the President toured the brewery and saw how local ingredients are sourced and used in the brewing process. HEINEKEN’s President Americas Mr. John Nicolson and BRANA General Manager Ms. Jose Matthijsse led the tour.

President Clinton was briefed on HEINEKEN’s business history in Haiti and its commitment to growing its business hand-in-hand with the development of the country. Being a Partner for Growth is a cornerstone of HEINEKEN’s business ethics and is a fundamental component of its global sustainability programme: “Brewing a Better Future”.

BRANA is investing more than US$40 million in the coming years to strengthen its distribution infrastructure, increase its brewing capacity and support local suppliers to compete successfully with international competitors on both price and quality. BRANA has committed to a 4 year programme of investment in the training of farmers to improve their farming methods and facilities and to increase yields. Through this initiative the livelihood of up to 18,000 farmers will be improved. Ultimately, BRANA aims to source at least 20% of raw materials for the brewed products locally and to increase local sourcing on packaging materials to 40%.

“Strengthening Haiti’s agriculture is an essential component to improving overall economic development and food security throughout the country,” said President Bill Clinton. “By investing in local businesses and farming cooperatives, we are providing Haitians with greater job opportunity, which will improve their economy over the long term. It is important that leading international companies like HEINEKEN are prioritizing sustainable investments to support Haiti’s economy and capacity building, and I commend them for their strong commitment.”

Speaking during the President’s visit John Nicolson, HEINEKEN President Americas, said: “HEINEKEN, is committed to improving the economic circumstances of the people of Haiti through our ‘Brewing a Better Future’ programme. Our continued investment in local sourcing and capability building will positively impact the lives and opportunities of thousands of Haitians.”

The BRANA brewery was created in 1973 by Mr. Michael Madsen. HEINEKEN has been involved with BRANA since its creation, and owned 22,5 % of the shares until the beginning of 2012 when it acquired more shares to become a major shareholder. HEINEKEN currently owns 95% of BRANA’s shares. BRANA directly employees over 1,200 peoplein Haiti and supports the livelihoods of many more indirectly through its distribution and sales.

BRANA wants to be a key partner for growth in Haiti. We applaud the key focus on creating a positive and attractive foreign direct investment climate. We are committed to the long term development of Haiti and of the Haitian professionals.

BRANA sells a wide range of products, including: Prestige: Winner of two gold medals from the Beer World Cup: 2000 and 2012; Guinness, beer produced in Haiti under license from Diageo; Malta H, malted drink; TORO, energy drink ; King Kola, soft drink; Pepsi Cola, soft drink produced in Haiti under license from Pepsi Co; 7 UP, soft drink produced in Haiti under license from Pepsi Co; Heineken, beer imported from the Netherlands, produced by HEINEKEN; Imported wines and liquors.