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Prince suprise afterparty in Amsterdam!

The rumors that Prince is going to throw one of his legendary aftershows tonight in the Netherlands, are becoming stronger.

Prince makes it a tradition to give a spontaneous surprise gig after his concerts. And it’s his habit to choose a location at the last moment.

The rumor for an aftershow in Amsterdam Paradiso is high on Prince’s management list but Prince decided that there will be no afterparty.

The official concert of Prince started tonight at 20.00 hours at the Gelredome. If he does a surprise show, it will take place around midnight.

Only two weeks ago, Prince concert in Arnhem was announced. Not part of a tour, but just along with Antwerp, where he played last week. Around 30,000 people consider themselves lucky that they have bought a ticket for a great concert in GelreDome.

For some Prince fans the evening is extra memorable. Halfway through the concert, they are invited unexpectedly to climb on the podium by the background singers. Prince changes the largest theater in the Netherlands in the biggest dance hall in the country.

One of the few songs Prince plays from beginning to end is Purple Rain. The version he played during tonights show took more than thirteen minutes, breathtaking raw, tight and intense.

But all good things must come to an end, and so Prince left his house party for a bit — tossing his guitar into the crowd on the way, where it was instantaneously retrieved by a very happy fan — and the silence of the encore break set in.