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Prince parties like it’s 1999 in the Netherlands

Prince parties like it’s 1999 in the Netherlands

Prince was having a party at Ahoy Rotterdam in the Netherlands Tuesday night, summing up his two surprise gigs in Amsterdam and main concert in Rotterdam on July 26th saying that from all his tours, the Netherlands have been the best so far.

The concert was a thrilling 2½-hour sampling of funk jams, his classic gems and Greatest Hits. Nobody seemed to feel the need to use their seats, as the 52-year-old funkster whipped the sold-out house into a dance frenzy purely on the power of his music and the gravitational pull of his personality.

The sold-out venue filled to the brim with a sea of purple-wearing patrons amongst an audience of all ages. Mojo informed that the concert will start at 8:00 p.m. Prince did not present himself to the audience upon the stage until 8:30 p.m. Opening with his song, “Purple Rain,” Prince walked on stage asking the audience, “How are you Holland? This is the best night of all”.

Gold, released in 1995 from The Gold Experience is one of the first song of the evening. Once Prince starts singing, golden confetti shot up from the stage, raining on those in the arena making it a great way to start the night.

Overall, the concert was an amazing trial worth being patient all the way through. Every song very well may have lasted over five minutes long with extended moments of guitar solos and sexy dance numbers. His comments were as sensual as they were amusing in between breathes.

Over the course of the concert, each song blended well into the next from his own popular hits to cover songs that included Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be Startin’ Something”.

Phones and flashlights floated across the venue that while the lights were out, the space took form as a starry night.

The songs consisted of the much more popular songs in mash-up form, highlighted by Prince classics including “1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain,” “Let’s go Crazy” and “Cream.”

Prince, didn’t break a sweat as he danced and dashed around his stage, set up at the arena. “I need a dance partner. Who wants to dance?” Prince quizzed the crowd.

Prince pulled several fans on stage to dance to U Got The Look and then switched off the lights.

Prince ended the night with his final songs commanding everyone to pull their cell phones and waved them in place of back-in-the-day lighter-flame oceans.

Prince was the coolest one at this show, offering a generous fan-friendly concert that, besides hits, delivered choice covers.

What a great performance! Prince rocked the Netherlands!