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Prince to perform in the Netherlands

Prince is coming to the Netherlands to give a concert in the Gelredome in Arnhem on Thursday, November 18th.

This has been announced by concert promoter Mojo Concerts on Wednesday. The funk legend was in 2002 in the Netherlands for the last time.

Prince is a rare treat. It has been almost ten years now since he last performed in Belgium. And the few shows he does do, are very striking.

He has mainly been doing surprise gigs lately. At the grand Grand Palais in Paris but also at his very home or at his favorite supermarket in Minneapolis. Of course there was that huge exception in 2007: the impressive series of performances at the O2 Arena in London: evening upon evening playing in front of 20,000 people, and this for three weeks in a row. The grand total: 440,000 or in other words, the entire population of Antwerp. But even that major operation was an example of scarcity. Things had started off as a seven nighter that sold out in barely 20 minutes. The mega project showcased the new Prince: the highly gifted, relaxed band leader who likes to fool around with his band and the audience.

During the 80s, His Royal Badness spent a big chunk of his time in recording studios making visionary dance music. Prince merged funk, jazz, pop and soul into rocking grooves. During the 90s, the biggest musical genius of his generation spent most of the time being pissed off with his record label. Nowadays, Prince wants to entertain (himself), giving carte blanche to the brilliant entertainer within. He talks like a pimp. He sings like an angel. He dances like a devil. After three decades he can really count on everything it takes to set a big crowd on fire.

Prince has a long career behind him. Which peaked in the eighties. The big hits: Controversy/1999/Little Red Corvette/Nothing Compares 2 U/When Doves Cry/Purple Rain/I Would Die 4 You/Let’s Go Crazy/Raspberry Beret/Kiss/Mountains/Girls & Boys/Sign O’ The Times/U Got The Look/If I Was Your Girlfriend/Alphabet St./I Wish U Heaven/Get Off/Cream/Sexy M.F./The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Besides Prince the artist is also known under the aliases The Symbol and The Artist Formerly Known as Prince or TAFKAP.