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Proceeds Dutch road tax surcharge expected to exceed 1.5 billion euros in 2014

In 2014, Dutch provincial authorities expect to receive 1,519 million euros from the surcharge on road tax according to Statistics Netherlands.

This is an increase by 68 million euros relative to 2013 when proceeds from road tax surcharge declined marginally due to the introduction of fuel-efficient cars which were exempt from road tax. As the tax exemption scheme for fuel-efficient cars will be cancelled in 2014, the estimated proceeds from the road tax surcharge will increase.

Limburg is the only province to reduce the road tax surcharge rate. As a result, the estimated proceeds will be reduced by 0.5 percent. In other provinces the proceeds will increase. The road tax rate will be raised in five provinces. In six provinces, the rates will not be changed, but proceeds will rise because the total number of cars is growing. This is mainly due to the fact that, as from 1 January 2014, the road tax exemption scheme for fuel-efficient cars will be cancelled. Only electric cars will – for the time being – be exempt.