Dutch production rises sharply

Dutch companies have significantly increased production in February. The number of new orders also increased, and employment continued to rise. This is evident from figures published Tuesday by the Dutch Association of Purchasing Managers (Nevi).

The so-called PMI purchasing managers index for the Dutch industry was on 60.7 in February, the highest score since the Nevi started with the research almost ten years ago. In January the index was still at 57.5. An index over fifty indicates on an increase in industrial activity, a score below indicates a decline.

An increase in new orders propelled production in February. Among other things, the order intake from abroad showed a strong increase. Especially from Germany, Dutch companies received more orders.

The production received something to do with a strong pressure on prices. More than 73 percent of all respondents reported higher purchasing costs. They arose in particular for base metals and fuel.

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