Dutch University Promotional Video Too Sexy

The Promotional videos of the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands are too sexy and will be removed.

The movies with the title “Labrad “ on www.studereninnijmegen.nl, must be removed.” The movies do not fit the way the university wants to communicate with students, according to VOX Magazine, the independent magazine of the Radboud University.

For the Promotional movies the Communications Division recently released a new serie and hired former playmate Ancilla Tilia. The University saw the movies and were “shocked” and find the videos demeaning and sexist.

Even the University president was not pleased when he saw the movie “I think it’s outrageous what I see here. This does not fit with how we students want to communicate. I think this is terrible and will consult with the rector and we will contact the responsible department to remove the videos.

Here’s one of the controversial University Promotional Video

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