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Thousands of PS3 systems seized by customs in the Netherlands

Tens of thousands of the PlayStation 3 consoles were seized by customs officers last week in the Netherlands.

The ruling by the civil court of justice in the Hague, caused tens of thousands of PlayStation 3 units to be confiscated in the Netherlands for at least ten days before they can be distributed across Europe.

This is because electronics giant LG has won a lawsuit after a claim of the technology behind Blu-ray is based on a patent from LG.

The ruling of the court can cause a short supply of the PlayStation 3 systems in Europe. It is not known whether the PlayStation 3 may be distributed again after ten days in Europe.

Consoles that are currently in stores are allowed to be sold and it is assumed that there will be still consoles available for a few weeks.

According to British newspaper The Guardian, tens of thousands of PS3s were seized by customs officers last week in the Netherlands.

Sony, which imports around 100,000 of the consoles a week, is busy trying to get the ban lifted.

LG claims that the PlayStation 3 a number of patents of the company exceeds the area of playing Blu-ray discs. LG asked earlier this month an investigation on the technology inside the console in the United States International Trade Commission (ITC).

If Sony is found guilty, the company may have to pay LG a compensation for each PlayStation 3 sold, resulting in hundreds of millions of euros. The two companies have seven disputes over various patents. For example Sony want to prohibit LG smartphones in the United States.

Rotterdam and Schiphol are the main import points for PlayStation 3 systems for both the UK and continental Europe.

The consoles are now in Dutch warehouses until it becomes clear how the case will develop.