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Publish Your Own Branded Flipboard

Four leading Dutch publishers today launch the iPad app NLinBusiness. It brings Dutch business professionals news in the area of Marketing, Technology, Economy, Finance and Healthcare. NLinBusiness is based on the imgZine platform, a white labeled ‘Flipboard’ for publishers and corporates.

Until now publishers were at the mercy of aggregation apps like Flipboard and Zite to be included in their publications. No longer: as of today publishers and corporates can have a real time magazine under their own brand.

Dutch company imgZine introduces a platform for fully automated, real time, digital magazine publications. Not only for the iPad, but also for iPhone and Android tablets and phones.

NLinBusiness is the first tangible proof of the platform’s capabilities. It is a unique joint publication of four (competing) publishers of business information. It is aimed at the Dutch business professional and offers news from a total of 12 different sources from Dutch publishers: Adformatie Groep, Free Media Group, MT MediaGroep and Springer Media.

The imgZine platform consists of two components: the server side platform that processes content and provides general services (sharing, caching, analytics) and the imgZine app. The imgZine app integrates multiple content sources that may contain video, sound, pictures and text, resulting in a digital magazine tailored to modern reading: scan headlines, click articles of interest and share through social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

imgZine enables publishers and corporates to use the power of real time magazines like Flipboard under their own brand. It offers a smart and cost effective solution for creating a realtime magazine based on existing content. A solution that requires no extra DTP, IT or editorial effort.

Source: imgZine