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Qatar to use Dutch renewable technology for solar

Businesses in Qatar will start using Dutch technology for the development and production of solar panels. On sunday 24 november several Dutch companies entered into contracts in Qatar worth millions of euros at a meeting attended by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp.

‘Half of all solar panels produced worldwide contain Dutch technology. We are a leader in this sector,’ Minister Kamp said. ‘Thanks to these contracts, even more solar panels with Dutch technology will be produced here in only a few months’ time.’

In the coming months, the Dutch company Eurotron will build a high-tech production line for a Qatari manufacturer of solar panels. Thanks to Dutch technology, the machines can produce a new type of solar panels that is more efficient than the current generation.

The new type of solar panels is developed by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and produces up to ten per cent more power from solar energy than the current panels. On 24 November, ECN signed a contract to establish a research centre in Qatar for the development of solar panels in desert areas.

In the coming days Minister Kamp will visit more businesses in Qatar and Abu Dhabi, accompanied by 28 Dutch entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes. The visit focuses on opportunities for Dutch businesses in the growing markets of the Gulf States. The businesses accompanying Minister Kamp on his trip are mainly active in the areas of energy and infrastructure.

Source: Dutch government