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Queen Beatrix as Dutch Superhero

Dutch Queen Beatrix wields more power than most of Europe’s other reigning monarchs.

The Amsterdam Café de Blaffende Vis in the Jordaan is preparing for Queen’s day. Traditionally each year they feature a meters high portrait of a member of the Royal House. This time Queen Beatrix is shown as super woman, accompanied by the words: “Be A Hero”.

Beatrix, born on 31 January 1938, is the queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands comprising the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba.

Queen Beatrix succeeded her mother as Queen of the Netherlands in 1980. From that date, Her Majesty formed part of the government. The Queen was married to Prince Claus. They had three sons: Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince Friso and Prince Constantijn. The eldest, Prince Willem-Alexander – the Prince of Orange – will succeed her.

The Queen represents the Netherlands both at home and abroad. She makes several state visits to other countries every year, and receives heads of state and heads of government who are visiting the Netherlands.

The Queen devotes much attention to important events in the Netherlands. Following disasters such as the Enschede fireworks explosion and the tsunami in Asia, she expresses her sympathy with those affected and talks to the bereaved.

The Queen keeps herself informed of what is going on in society and every year she attends many openings, commemorations and other official events.

Beatrix was portrayed before as a pharaoh. Prince Willem-Alexander also was portrayed several times, once as ‘Daddy Cool’.

Photo by esther1616