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Queen Beatrix to visit Oman

The Dutch royal family will still go to Oman next week.

Dutch Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima will have a private dinner with the Sultan on Tuesday, said Rosenthal Minister of Foreign Affairs.

An official state visit to Oman was postponed this week because of unrest in the Arab country. The Queen has now accepted a personal invitation of Sultan Kabus. This is done in the context of the good dialogue between Oman and the Netherlands, said Rosenthal.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte said during his weekly press conference that the postponement of the state visit could be explained as choosing sides by the Dutch government in a domestic matter. The prime minister emphasized that the Netherlands does not choose sides in the situation in Oman.

The state visit was supposed to begin next Sunday with a visit to the sultan in the Omani capital Muscat. Also, the royal family would visit the port city of Sohar with a trade delegation.

On Wednesday Beatrix, Willem-Alexander and Máxima will travel on to Qatar for a long-scheduled state visit.