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Queen Beatrix the Netherlands oldest-reigning monarch ever

Dutch Queen Beatrix has become the oldest reigning monarch in Dutch history, overtaking King William III.

Tuesday the Queen will celebrate her 74th birthday. Never before the Netherlands had a reigning monarch had at this age.

The Queen reached the historic milestone on November 4 last year. On that day, Beatrix was exactly 73 years and 277 days old and broke the royal age record.

King William III was previously the oldest head of state the Netherlands has ever known. He died on November 23, 1890 as reigning monarch, and was 73 years and 277 days old.

Beatrix is still very active as head of state. Last year she made two state visits, to Germany and Qatar, and she visited the Caribbean. This year she visited Oman and United Arab Emirates in March and is scheduled to visit Luxembourg. It will be her 52nd state visit.

On April 30 it will be 32 years since Beatrix came to the throne. Her mother, Queen Juliana, was almost 32 years on the throne, when she announced to stop in 1980 on her daughter’s 42nd birthday.