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RAF tornado pilots spotted UFO over the Netherlands

The British Air Force spotted a large UFO over the Netherlands in 1990. This is evident from recently declassified documents, reports

It was November 5, 1990 when a British Tornado fighter aircraft of the British Air Force flew to The Hague on a routine flight over the Dutch coast. The plane was en route from England to the base Laarbruch in Germany.

At 8200 meters altitude, pilots saw a strange object in the sky, as big as a C130 Hercules plane that flew diagonally behind them and overtook the Tornado with high speed. The Tornado flew Mach 0.8.

The object was triangular and carried five or six lamps, one of them blue. The engine exhaust had ”a light blue afterburner-type flame. The unidentified flying object (UFO) flew at high speed through Dutch airspace and dodged the British pilots.

The British pilots called the Dutch control tower of Ypenburg airbase near The Hague to ask whether the Dutch saw something on the radar. Despite repeated radio calls to Dutch Military Radar, the controller insisted that he could not see the UFO. The pilots then flew by.

Once at their base in Germany, they wrote a secret report. The report has surfaced in the latest round of disclosures.

Photo By Blyzz