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Women can now bike to work thanks to new ‘rain couture’

Today in Amsterdam, Madame de Pé launched its new ‘rain couture’ collection that keeps women dry in style, even on a bicycle. Research shows that women often take the car or tram to work when it rains instead of cycling because rainwear is so unflattering. Madame de Pé’s rain couture combines style and function, so women can cycle to work, regardless of the weather.

Madame de Pé interviewed Dutch women about their biking experiences in the rain and found that the options are limited. “Rainwear often doesn’t work well enough; a Burberry trench coat may look great, but it doesn’t keep your knees dry on a bike. And ponchos blow up and hoods blow off”, Bernadette Kuiper of Madame de Pé explains. “But the biggest issue women have is that rainwear just looks ridiculous. Who would wear a yellow poncho over designer jeans and a tailored jacket? No wonder women take the car when it rains.”

The coat, La Maîtresse, and the poncho, Le Déluge, were designed to solve this dilemma. The feminine cut is combined with functional details to keep cyclists dry. For example, weights in the hem keep the coat anchored over the knee, while the cuffs extend over your hands to keep them dry. “We tested the coat and poncho extensively by biking in the rain”, Bernadette Kuiper says. “So we are sure that the design works and looks amazing. That’s why we can definitively say: Go Ahead. Bike. You’ll look great.”

The coat and poncho are available for sale on the website of Madame de Pé and through Suneri Boutique in Boston.

Madame de Pé is sponsored by C.Note, an Amsterdam-based firm that designs products & services to improve people’s lives.