Residents in the Netherlands rather buy from Dutch webshops than foreign ones

Residents in the Netherlands rather buy from Dutch webshops than foreign ones

Residents in the Netherlands rather purchase from Dutch webshops than from foreign ones, according to a European research into the online purchasing behavior of consumers in 2010, carried out by the European Parliament.

According to the statistics of the European Parliament, the Dutch are trailing behind with less than 18% of Dutch online shoppers who have ever purchased anything “beyond their own borders”.

On average, 23 percent of the European online shoppers have ordered something from across the border. Small European countries like Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus score significantly higher, with rates of over eighty percent. is not surprised of the position of cross-country buyers of the Netherlands. “Dutch merchants score high on reliability,” explains Wijnand Jongen, the director of advocacy for online stores.

“Also, through Ideal in the Netherlands, it’s easy and safe to pay online, so consumers would rather shop here.” Jongen also points out that there is a large supply of products in the Netherlands. “For real niche products, you cross the border.”

The Netherlands do belong to the forefront when it comes to the number of press shops or concerns. With a rate of around 77 percent, the Netherlands land just behind Denmark and the United States.

On average, the percentage of people who have bought something within the last 12 months is at forty percent within the European Union. Since 2005, that percentage has doubled.

Although the number of consumers shopping online in recent years has increased fast, the number of companies with an online shop in that period remained stable.

About fourteen percent of the companies in the European Union have an online shop. In the Netherlands this is more than twenty percent.

Are Dutch online shoppers nervous about making cross-border purchases?

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