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Rats jumping passengers in New York Metro

New York has 8 million inhabitants. Underground live 17 million rats. A single rat sometimes ends up in the subway and meets with creatures from above.

The video below shows the worst nightmare of many travelers of the subway: A rat runs over the seats, crawls up the pants of a passenger. Rats alarm in Brooklyn (New York)!

Normally, the rats only stay in the metro tunnels and can hardly disturb the Metro passengers.

But these rats has made it into one of the cars! How wild she runs from one end to another.

In a video it clearly shows that the rat is not at ease in the train, but the animal is not very afraid. It jumps the passengers who are clearly not amused.

The beast crawls up the leg of a sleeping traveler, until it is sitting on his shoulder.

The man wakes up in disgust trying to get rid of the rat.

Only after few strokes can scare away the animal.