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Record number of international companies to Amsterdam in 2014

In 2014, 139 new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. These companies brought a total of 1,308 jobs to the region and indicated that this would increase to 2,359 jobs within three years. In addition, international companies that had already established a presence in the region reported creating an additional 1,611 jobs in 2014.
Alderperson Kajsa Ollongren (Economic Affairs): “In our experience, companies usually start off small when entering the European market, but grow to become major players within a few years. The increase in the number of new businesses and jobs shows that Amsterdam is living up to its ranking as the fourth most competitive city in the world.”

An established trend continued in 2014, with most of the companies (33) coming from the ICT sector. The region’s outstanding (digital) infrastructure attracts businesses with technologically savvy and innovative ideas that are looking to increase the size of their operations. Such rapid growth also attracts new talent. Consistent with this trend, Amsterdam is dedicated to improving opportunities for start-up companies and bringing in international ICT talent. The American companies Netflix and Uber, for example, chose Amsterdam as the location for their European headquarters. Likewise, Tesla, Palo Alto Networks and Expedia, which have been in the region since 2013, created hundreds of new jobs.

Expatcenter Amsterdam
Amsterdam is becoming increasingly attractive to international talent. The Expatcenter Amsterdam Area helped more than 8,000 internationals settle in the region in 2014, representing an increase of 30% compared to the previous year. Most of these highly skilled migrants came from India, the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2014, the collaboration with the municipalities in the region expanded to include Velsen. Like Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer, Almere and Hilversum, Velsen can now conduct the municipal registration procedure via the Expatcenter. The Expatcenter will continue its drive to seek out collaboration with other neighbouring municipalities in 2015. As part of the StartupDelta initiative led by Neelie Kroes, the Expatcenter began issuing start-up permits on 1 January 2015 and as such, expanded its services to cater for ambitious, international entrepreneurs.

North America and Asia
North America was responsible for nearly half of the new establishments (66), such as Staples Office Center, which moved its headquarters with 200 jobs from Boston to Amsterdam, and Stryker, a medical technology company, which opened a training centre in addition to a European head office.

Growth from Asian countries remained stable compared to 2013, with 30 new establishments and 198 jobs. Fourteen new Japanese companies, for instance, set up operations in the region. After the United States and United Kingdom, Japan is the largest investor in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Companies are increasingly opting for Amsterdam ahead of other European cities thanks to its internationally-oriented services industry, excellent physical and digital accessibility and superb price-quality ratio.

In 2014, 42 European companies established offices in Amsterdam. The majority of these were marketing and sales firms in the services and creative industries, looking to use Amsterdam as a test market for the introduction of new products in Europe.

Various global rankings have demonstrated that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s appeal as a location for companies’ European headquarters is as strong as ever. The region attracted 42 head offices and 46 marketing and sales offices in 2014, representing a total of 947 jobs. Important trends related to internationalisation, such as consolidation in strong regions, the availability of high-speed internet connections and quality of life, make the region very alluring to companies.

Amsterdam inbusiness
Founded in 2008, Amsterdam inbusiness is responsible for acquisition in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It assists international companies setting up shop in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and supports the international business community already present in the area. Within Amsterdam inbusiness, the municipalities of Amstelveen, Almere, Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam collaborate to create an attractive climate for international companies. In recent years, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) attracted between 100 and 120 new international companies each year. The AMA is currently home to some 2,500 international companies.

Headed by the Mayors and Alderpersons for Economic Affairs of the municipalities of Amsterdam, Almere, Amstelveen and Haarlemmermeer, a series of trade missions were organised in 2014. These trade missions visited destinations including China, the United States, Japan and Vietnam. Activities organised during these missions included investment seminars and visits to headquarters of companies already established there.