Record number of passengers on Dutch airports

Record number of passengers on Dutch airports

The number of airline passengers totalled nearly 56 million in 2012, i.e. an increase by more than 3 percent relative to 2011 according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol set a new record, handling an unprecedented 51 million travellers. In 1980, only 10 million passengers arrived at and departed from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; in 2002, the 40 million mark was surpassed. In the other Dutch airports, the amount of passengers increased by no less than 12 percent.

Turnover generated by airline companies improved 8 percent last year to reach nearly 11 billion euros. The growing number of passengers and fuel prices passed on to consumers created a turnover boost. Passenger transport accounts for about 80 percent of total turnover. Dutch airports realised a turnover growth of approximately 3 percent in 2012.

The volume of air cargo was reduced by 3 percent in 2012 to 1.5 million tonnes relative to the preceding year, mainly caused by the slumping global trade. Within Europe, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol remains one of the most prominent airports.

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