Rihanna goes naked for Nivea

Rihanna goes naked for Nivea

Rihanna has posed nude for the cosmetics brand NIVEA which is celebrating its 100th anniversary year.

NIVEA Creme has been sold worldwide in the classic blue-white and unmistakable tin for almost 100 years. Today NIVEA Creme stands in the center of an extensive product family active in over 200 countries. It includes all areas of skin and body care, and created net sales for Beiersdorf of almost four billion Euros last year. Since its beginning in 1911, NIVEA has become a synonym for skin care and reliability for consumers all over the world and it has developed into one of the world’s most valuable brands. This outstanding starting point offers NIVEA an excellent foundation for focused further development and sustainable growth.

To reach new target groups NIVEA will launch its largest ever digital mobilization campaign in social media, expected to generate over one billion page views in one week. The collaboration with the international superstar Rihanna will make a significant contribution to this endeavor. In the year of its 100th birthday NIVEA will incorporate music from Rihanna into the different campaign elements. Almost no other world star has more fans on social networks like Facebook than Rihanna. Together with Rihanna NIVEA will be able to target new generations of young consumers. This will occur in over 120 million commentaries in various social media.

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