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Rihanna receives apology from Dutch Fashion Magazine Jackie for racist article

The latest issue of Dutch fashion magazine Jackie includes a feature on how to copy Rihanna’s style, which quite rightly offended droves of people.

A scan of the article and its translation quickly went viral on Reddit. A few hours ago, Jackie’s editor-in-chief Eva Hoeke apologized for the feature on Facebook, saying it was meant to be a joke. A “bad joke, to say the least,” Hoeke writes. She explains that the blurb “slipped through” her fingers and that “these terms will no longer end up in the magazine.”

“It was stupid, it was naive to think that this was an acceptable form of slang — you hear it all the time on TV and radio, then your idea of what is normal apparently shifts — but it was especially misguided: there was no malice behind it,” Hoeke writes.

Eva Hoeke has resigned as editor of the magazine moments ago in response to the story.