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RoboCup World Championship 2013 in the Netherlands

RoboCup, the annual robot soccer championships, will take place in the Netherlands this year.

Eindhoven Technical University is set to defend its world title in RoboCup Soccer during the RoboCup – a yearly international competition designed to advance the development and application of robotics.

Following editions in Singapore, Istanbul and Mexico City, the competition comes to Eindhoven and will be held between June 24th and July 1st, 2013. It is expected to attract some 2,500 participants from 40 countries. Although there is a fun element involved, the drive behind the RoboCup is to help speed the development of robotics for broad applications in society and, consequently, embraces the following themes:

  • RoboCup Soccer: creating teams of fully autonomous, cooperative robots that exhibit advanced competitive behaviours and strategies;
  • RoboCup Rescue: assisting emergency responders to save people and perform hazardous tasks with highly mobile, dexterous and semi-autonomous robots capable of mapping and negotiating complex environments;
  • RoboCup @Home: helping people in their daily lives at home and in public with autonomous and naturally interactive assistant robots;
  • RoboCup Junior: motivating young people to learn skills and knowledge necessary in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as to foster their soft skills through participating in the creative process of building and programming autonomous robots.

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