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Roller derby catching on in the Netherlands

24 oranges writes that Roller derby is taking off in The Netherlands.

Invented in 1920s America, roller derby has evolved into a predominantly female sport – and one that is fiercely aggressive.

Roller derby has been making a comeback in popularity over the past decade. Being promoted by movies such as “Whip It” has helped, but it is more in depth than it appears onscreen.

Teams take part in bouts and score points by getting their “jammer” – usually their fastest player – around the track ahead of opposition players. They earn a point for each one they lap, but while the jammer is trying to get round, the other team is trying to stop her, using almost any means possible.

Roller derby is catching on like wildfire in the Netherlands with already several Dutch teams.

All the teams are still recruiting, learning the moves and many members need to pass an internationally recognised exam to be able to compete.

Most people sign up after seeing a bout or hearing about the sport through friends. But Drew Barrymore’s new film, also called Whip It, could change that.

The Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys were featured last December in De Telegraaf and on the radio, and train with more advanced teams such as the Ghent Go-Go Rollergirls in Belgium.

Photo By Christopher Neugebauer