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Rotterdam best festival city of the world

The Dutch city of Rotterdam has been ranked Best Festival City of the World 2010. The Netherlands’ second urban centre was awarded the accolade in the mid-sized category.

Rotterdam is known as THE event city in the Netherlands. Every year small and large events attract hundreds of thousands of local residents and visitors from inside the Netherlands and abroad. Rotterdam has a rich festival tradition that is part of the DNA of the city and its citizens. The festivals are rooted in the city and connected with the character, history and culture of the city. With the festivals we celebrate our identity.

In its report the jury of the International Festivals and Events Association IFEA recommends Rotterdam’s positive attitude to festivals.

According to the judges, Rotterdam boasted a considerable number of professional organisers who were full of creative ideas. In addition, the local infrastructure was said to be excellent. And all services and parties in the city were found to be co-operating closely to allow events to take place.

In three other categories, the winners were Taupo New Zealand, Edinburgh Scotland and Sydney Australia. The awards were presented on Thursday at the annual IFEA conference which is being held in Saint Louis in the USA. The aim of the prize is to stimulate the festivals and events industry around the world.