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Rotterdam named one of world’s top ten places to visit in 2014

The Dutch port city of Rotterdam has been named as one of the top 10 must-see destinations in the world.

Rotterdam has been ranked eight in the annual Rough Guide Travel Hotlist for 2014. It features alongside Rio de Janeiro, Sarajevo, Portland and Liverpool as one of the guide’s top picks for this year.

Rotterdam is one of the best cities in the world to visit in 2014, thanks to the new sights coming soon.

Rotterdam is best known for its container-clogged port, but in the past few years, more exciting projects have been dropping anchor.

The Netherlands’ biggest building, a new “vertical city” called De Rotterdam, will soon be alive with cafés and restaurants, heralding a new dawn for the high-rise area locals have dubbed Manhattan on the Maas.

Across town, the cavernous tube-shaped Market Hall is about to open as Rotterdam’s best snack stop, with a hundred food stalls selling everything from chewy waffles to giant balls of edam.

Rough Guides’ top 10 cities to visit in 2014:

1. Rio de Janeiro
2. Sarajevo
3. Liverpool
4. Umea (Sweden)
5. Lviv (Ukraine)
6. Marseille
7. Almaty (Kazakhstan)
8. Rotterdam
9. Glasgow
10. Portland