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Rotterdam is truly a world city. The impressive skyline can be seen from afar, enhancing the city’s imposing appearance. Rotterdam is known in the Netherlands and abroad as a city of great architecture, featuring many examples of innovative construction. The famous Cube Houses are certainly worth a visit, and the special Museum House offer you a look inside.

The Maas river runs through the city centre, crossed by the now-famous Erasmus Bridge, which has become the symbol of Rotterdam. Countless small harbours are situated along the banks of the Maas, each with its unique character. Further downstream the industrial port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. Explore the waterfront and walk along the Veerhaven and the Boompjes, take a sailing tour through the harbour with Spido, or take the water taxi for a quick trip to the other side.

As the host city for the Ortel Summer Carnival, the Bavaria City Racing and the North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam is the ultimate festival city of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is lively all year round, hosting festivals and events that show the best of the city’s international culture, sports and music.

Rotterdam is a fabulous shopping city any season of the year. Even on Sunday, when many shops in this country close their doors for a day off, Shopaholics can indulge themselves in Rotterdam. The shops in the city centre are open seven days a week. From exclusive to popular, from Megastore to a small boutique, situated in an arcade or a bustling street, Rotterdam has it all.

Visiting the Markthal Rotterdam is a Must with 100 fresh produce sellers , 15 food shops and 8 restaurants. From fresh bread to delicious cheese, fish and poultry and even flowers and plants – you’ll find it all under one roof. In short, shopping at Rotterdam’s indoor market is an experience in itself where you can at any time sit down for a drink and a snack.

Enjoy the many advantages that the Rotterdam hotels have to offer: pure luxury and magnificent views. Spend the night at unique locations like in the famous Cube Houses or on top of the Euromast. Or choose for sites that exude a nostalgic atmosphere like Hotel New York or Stroom.

The Rotterdam Tourist Information Office also has a city walk. This walk takes you past the most interesting places in downtown Rotterdam.