Sharing Multi Destination Routes via Social Media

Sharing Multi Destination Routes via Social Media

RouteXL, the leading online route planner for multiple destinations, has added social sharing of road trips to its offering. Once routes via many locations have been planned, they can easily be shared with friends, family or colleagues via social networks. Saving the planet by lowering fuel consumption and gas emissions has never been more socially engineered.

RouteXL started out in 2009 as an innovative internet service that requires nothing but a up-to-date web browser. The main feature is to optimize routes with many destinations, sorting waypoints in the fastest order. Among the users of the smart route planner are couriers, transporters, distributors, salesmen, account managers, mystery shoppers, bailiffs, and many more who need to drive along multiple locations.

The problem of finding the fastest route via many destinations is known since long time. As simple as it seems, mathematics have found no final solution for it yet. The complexity is in the number of possible routes, that increases exponentially when adding more destinations. With 10 addresses to visit, the number of alternative routes is more than 3 million. The mathematical problem is known as the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP).

Easy to use
In real life, with some intelligence and experience, one can find good routes. But the optimal route is much harder to find when visiting new areas. RouteXL has created an easy to use web application, that requires no registration at all. The fastest route is found by typing addresses, clicking locations on the map or importing multiple destinations at once from any office application. Routes can be printed or downloaded for use in navigation systems or other office applications.

RouteXL recently added the possibility to share with routes via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. It makes planning of routes with many destinations for others a breeze. Sharing the fastest route via customers, sights or plants, with a few clicks makes saving time and money, lowering fuel consumption and emissions – a fun experience.

RouteXL is free to try up till 20 addresses at

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