Dutch Royals do voluntary work

Dutch Royals do voluntary work

Queen Beatrix started voluntary work on Friday for Foundation Grote Broer in Nijmegen as part of the national voluntary action NL DOET.

Prince Bernhard, Prince Pieter Christiaan and Princess Annette followed the example of the queen.

Foundation Grote Broer takes care of theater, circus and musicals for children and provides to them also lessons.

Each week 250 children follow circus, musicals or theater classes at the organization in Nijmegen. The foundation has since 2004 engaged in arts education for children.

The Dutch Queen painted a huge wall with fresh pink paint while the princesses were busy with ceiling panels.

NL DOET is an action of the Orange Fund. On Friday and Saturday an estimated 300,000 Dutch voluntarily will roll up their sleeves, spread over more than six thousand jobs at different institutions.

The action this year will take place for the first time in Bonaire.

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