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Rural Dutch happier than urban dwellers

Dutch residents who live in rural areas are more positive about their neighborhood than those dwelling in cities, new figures show.

On average, the Dutch evaluate the safety of their neighbourhood as quite satisfactory. City dwellers are less positive, according to figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics announced Wednesday. Based on a survey of 40,000 people in the Netherlands.

Young people in particular think the situation in their neighbourhood has improved compared to one year ago, but middle-aged people tend to be less positive.

Most Dutch seem to be fairly pleased with the safety in their neighbourhood. They think the safety in their neighbourhood is quite acceptable, i.e. 7 on a 1-to-10 scale. The residential environment and the quality of life in their neighbourhood are rated even higher (7.5 and 7.4 respectively). The proportion of residents who think the situation in their neighbourhood has become better equals those who think the situation in their neighbourhood has become worse (14 percent).

City dwellers do not rate their neighbourhood as good a place to live as people living in rural areas. The first are more concerned about safety, residential environment and quality of life in their neighbourhood. Unsurprisingly, residents of neighbourhoods requiring special attention are the least positive about the situation in their neighbourhood, as the level of unsafety and quality-of-life level are important criteria to define these neighbourhoods.

Moreover, 18 percent of residents of very highly urbanised municipalities think their neighbourhood has improved relative to the preceding year and 19 percent think the opposite. The proportions for neighbourhoods requiring special attention are 26 and 23 percent respectively. Opinions on the situation in these neighbourhoods vary widely. A majority of residents in some of these neighbourhoods think the situation has improved significantly, whereas residents in other neighbourhoods in this category think the situation has become worse.

Source: CBS