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Sail Amsterdam

SAIL Amsterdam is the largest event in the Netherlands which is free to the public. SAIL Amsterdam 2010 will take place from Thursday 19 August to Monday 23 August 2010 on and around the IJ river.

SAIL’s main attraction will be the impressive fleet of Tall Ships, sailing heritage craft, modern ships, naval ships and replicas. In addition to this, every day there will be a varying programme of all kinds of cultural and sports activities. The theme of SAIL 2010 is ‘a nautical encounter between the past, present and future’.

SAIL 2010 is held between August 19 to 23. These are a few of the highlights that are worth visiting.

SAIL starts Thursday with the Parade: hundreds of ships sail into the IJ river and form a unique sight which you’ll never forget. On Friday several matches on the water take place, including ‘Skûtsjesilen’ (sailing with a typical Frisian ship). Saturday the Royal Netherlands Navy will show their skills on water. Children can get a full pirate experience on Sunday. Monday the ships sail out again.

Every day there is great program with an overload of entertainment, art, culture, music, activities for children and above all boats, ships and anything else that floats.
Visit SAIL 2010

SAIL Amsterdam only takes place once every five years and is the largest freely accessible public event in the Netherlands. In 2005 it attracted over 1,8 million visitors.

The most striking are the nearly fifty tall ships, such as, the Götheborg, a replica of a Swedish East India paddler, and the Dutch clipper Stad Amsterdam, which has traveled the world for the TV show “Beagle, Darwin in the wake of”.

It is held on the Eastern Docklands at the IJ river. This area is easy to reach by public transport or by foot (15 minute walk east from Central Station)

Boat lovers, water sports enthusiasts and curious people are attracted by SAIL Amsterdam: the biggest celebration on water. So make a note in your calendar:

SAIL Amsterdam, Thursday 19 August to Monday 23 August 2010 on and around the IJ river.

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