Sailing Girl Laura Dekker Computers Hacked

The computers of sailing girl Laura Dekker and her father are regularly compromised, making them completely crash, they reported to the police.

This was reported the weblog of Laura. The 15-year-old Laura would like to be the youngest solo sailor ever to sail around the world. In early August she left for the trip from the Netherlands.

The hacking occurs despite securing their computers with all security programs up-dated.

Hacking takes place mainly during departure and arrival of Laura on the various islands.

Sometimes recovery is not possible anymore and she needs to purchase a new computer. There are considerable costs involved.

Her school work depends on a good internet and e-mail connection. She also needs the Internet for information she receives from her support team.

On her blog she asks the hacker to stop with his “perverse activities”.

Who is trying to make Laura’s journey so difficult?

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