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Father forced son to eat bad school report card

A French father forced his son to eat his poor school report card.

The father stuffed the report into the 12-year-old boy’s mouth and ordered him to ‘chew it up and swallow it’, it was heard.

When his son was unable to eat the three sheets of paper, his father tried to push it down his throat with his finger, before hitting him on the head, the court in Poitiers, western France, was told.

Teachers of the boy alerted the police after the boy came to school with one blue eye and a busted lip and the father was arrested and charged with assault.

Neither the father nor the son could be named for legal reasons.

The man told the court: ‘It was a poor report and I lost my temper. I sent him up to his room, then followed him up there with the report.

Photo by Rob Shenk