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Dutch school teaches with iPads

The Hondsrug College in Emmen the Netherlands will use iPads in teaching.

The Dutch high school with 2,000 students will start a pilot program in April with several classes.

iPads will also be introduced to new students after the summer holidays and the whole school will follow after the pilot, announced the Hondsrug Board Wednesday.

The mobile multimedia device enables the school to improve education by providing tailor made educational material and up-to-date information, said the school rector.

“Thanks to the iPad a teacher can monitor each students’ level and learning style. For example they can check whether a student needs additional support or supply additional material.”

This innovation is an investment of 250,000 Euros. Students only need to pay for maintenance and insurance of the tablet computer.

The iPad is not just a cool new toy but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, including thousands with educational uses.

Students also like the light weight of the iPad, which offers a relief from the heavy books that weigh down their backpacks.