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Netherlands fifth service export country in EU

Netherlands was in 2009, after the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, the fifth service export country in the European Union.

That announced the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Monday.

The total value of these exports amounted to approximately 82 billion Euros.

By comparison, Dutch goods exports were about 309 billion Euros. Making the Netherlands after Germany the second goods exports country in the EU.

Research and development, consulting and architectural and engineering services with a total sum of 27 billion Euros were the main services provided to foreign countries. Transport services followed with 18 billion Euros.

Of all the countries within the European Union, Germany is the main export destination of Dutch services. In 2009 the total trade in services to Germany amounted to approximately 11 billion Euros.

The export values in Ireland and the UK are 10 and 9 billion Euros.