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Seven Dutch musicians are matched with international inspirers

Red Bull Studios Connect brings talent together with their international inspirers in the studio and on the stage. Seven Dutch artists, amongst others Full Crate and Detroit Swindle are teaming up with seven international artists like Breach, Mosca and Jordan Peak. The couples travel during this musical journey from the studio to the club and on to Mysteryland. The project kicks off with an intensive studio session where the couples are working on a track. Next stop is two clubs in Rotterdam and the ultimate climax of the journey; a back2back session at Mysteryland 2013. Talent meets inspiration.

The Dutch artists have been carefully selected and paired up with their inspirer. Full Crate is working with Breach (Ben Westbeech, UK), Detroit Swindle with Motor City Drum Ensemble (DE), Architecs with Bok Bok (UK), Sluwe Vos with Jordan Peak (UK), Mudde with Mosca (UK), Know V.A. with Om Unit (UK) and Chaiba with New York Transit Authority (UK). The journey starts with a studio session in the Red Bull Studio Amsterdam. The tracks that are produced during these sessions will be released as an EP. Next stage is two gigs in Toffler and Bird, both in Rotterdam, and the grande finale takes place at the Red Bull Studios Connect stage at Mysteryland with a series of back2back sessions.

Being one of the first big music festivals, Mysteryland reserved an important roll for upcoming talent throughout the years, providing a stage for tomorrow’s headliners. This progressive character of the event, combined with a breath-taking location and a truly creative, make up for a unique experience. The music of tomorrow is a gift of today.

Bangers & Mash
For a few years now Red Bull and Mysteryland have been working together. This year the Bangers & Mash collective is added to this collaboration. Since Bangers & Mash was founded, beginning of 2012, this concept that aims to bring a broad UK house and bass sound has rocked numerous locations in the Netherlands. Earlier editions took place in cities like Utrecht, Haarlem and Sittard featuring international dance music royalty like Ben UFO, Oneman, Redlight, Breach, Shadow Child, Randomer and Addison Groove. Residents Chaiba and Architecs are also part of the Red Bull Studio Connects program.

Red Bull Studios Connect presents


– Motor City Drum Ensemble & Detroit Swindle
– BREACH (aka Ben Westbeech) & Full Crate
– Bok Bok & Architecs
– Jordan Peak & de Sluwe Vos
– Om Unit & Know V.A.
– Chaiba & New York Transit Authority
– Mosca & Mudde

Location: Bird – Rotterdam
Date: 9th of August

Location: Toffler – Rotterdam
Date: 16th of August

Location: Mysteryland 2013 – Floriade Haarlemmermeer
Date: 24th of August

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