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Sex Lessons at Dutch High Schools

Amsterdam will start sex lessons at Dutch high schools to warn girls of so called lover boys.

This said Eric van der Burg spokeswoman for Dutch Care and welfare today reported in The Telegraaf.

Van der Burg intends to work with the Dutch health authorities to put together a team of teachers to visit schools and teach girls to protect themselves against loverboys.

A team of five to ten teachers will already start after summer with the first classes at Dutch high schools.

The plan is to give sex lessons to separate groups of girls and boys. In the lessons teenagers will be taught what is normal in a sexual relationship and how you can recognize loverboys.

It still appears that many youngsters don’t receive sex education at home.

Recently a highschool girl asked how old boys are when their periods start.

We can not solve everything through education, but we know that certain groups receive no sex education at home and are vulnerable lover boys.